Pregnancy Test (Midstream)

Pregnancy test midstream is a one step device for detecting possible pregnancy. This type of test is designed for screening of hCG pregnancy hormone in urine.
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Simply dip the midstream test into a urine specimen and allow 5 minutes for development of results. You can also apply the midstream test directly into the urine stream and allow 5 minutes for development of results. One line (control) indicates negative results and two lines (control & test) indicate positive results.

The pregnancy test detect hCG in urine in a qualitative format with sensitivity of 25mIU/mL (International Standard Value) and specificity is 99.8%.

The pregnancy test comes individually packaged in a foil pouch with a desiccant for moisture protection.

All tests have an expiry date of 1-2 years. 

All tests meet CE requirements and are CE approved and marked. 

All tests are accompanied by comprehensive and easy-to-understand guidelines in English.

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