What type of ovulation test should I choose?

BabyOrNot carries three types of tests: strip, midstream and cassette.
The strip option is by far the cheapest ovulation test. This type of test is available at pharmacies, supermarkets and at BabyOrNot. To perform the test a urine sample should be collected in a clean container. The strip is then dipped into the container to absorb the urine.
A strip test does not have the same protective plastic seal as both the stick and cassette formats, so there is a slightly higher risk of contamination, which may lead to an incorrect reading when carrying out the test. Some women may have difficulty in obtaining a positive result. In such cases we recommend the stick or the cassette test.
  WH Ovultell Ovulationtest - Strip
Midstream (Stick):
BabyOrNot generally recommends the use of the midstream. The midstream is the most expensive type of test, but it is also the easiest to use. The midstream has a protective plastic seal to ensure test integrity and the wick end is placed directly in the urine stream when you pee. This means that the urine does not have to be collected in a container. Using the midstream, it is easy to determine when you are most fertile.
WH Ovultell Ovulationtest - Midstream
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The cassette is not normally available at pharmacies, or in other shops, as it is generally used by doctors and other professionals. The test procedure for this type of test is most precise. First the urine sample is collected in a pipette and then a precise number of drops are deposited onto the absorbent part of the test. As with the stick test, the cassette is protected by a plastic seal. The cassette is the choice of professionals
  WH Ovultell Ovulation test - Cassette



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