Confirmation of pregnancy

If you suspect you are pregnant, you should try to get confirmation of pregnancy as soon as possible.
Confirmation of pregnancy may be obtained using a pregnancy test, which can either be done at home, or at the doctor's.

Test using the home test

The majority of women choose to do the pregnancy test at home, where you don't need to be nervous, and where you are sure that the "news" can be kept secret.

The pregnancy test, which you can purchase now today, is safe and easy to use. Since it also comprises the same types of test used by the doctor, there is nothing to prevent you from doing the pregnancy test at home, but if the test is positive, you should contact your doctor immediately.

Test at the doctor's

If you suspect you are pregnant, you can go to your doctor and have a pregnancy test carried out. The doctor will ask you to bring along a urine sample for use during the test.
If the pregnancy test is positive, your doctor will perform a gynaecological examination. Here, your doctor will examine the physical signs of pregnancy more closely. Your doctor will, however, only be able to give you a totally definite answer on the basis of a gynaecological examination when the pregnancy symptoms are clear, i.e. around four weeks after fertilisation.

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