About BabyOrNot

When we went online with BabyOrNot in the winter of 2004, we would never have imagined that we would currently be running one of Europe’s largest and most visited Internet shops in the sale of pregnancy-promoting products.

We are two healthy ladies who, on the basis of our own experiences of becoming pregnant, had our own idea for BabyOrNot. The objective was to offer inexpensive quality tests to couples who wanted to become pregnant, and at the same time provide information on pregnancy-related subjects in the form of articles, etc.

Today, we both work in BabyOrNot’s customer service. Here, we draw on both our personal experiences of pregnancy and our specialist expertise as doctor and child physiotherapist respectively when we answer your questions.

The administrative section of BabyOrNot, including contact with the test manufacturers with whom we cooperate, has now been taken over by our husbands.

BabyOrNot furthermore employs a number of distribution staff who ensure that all products are, as far as possible, sent on the same day on which they are ordered.

We have experienced many users who, of their own free will, have helped to spread the knowledge of BabyOrNot. We are very grateful for this and we have chosen to repay this helpfulness by giving all users a 5 % discount when they order again from BabyOrNot.

We hope that you will be satisfied with our products and service, and bid you welcome as users of BabyOrNot.

With kind regards

Stine and Stine
- and Sebatian, Rebecca, and Rasmus



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