BabyOrNot has collated a number of articles for people who want to become pregnant or for people who already are pregnant.

Particularly if it is your first pregnancy or the first time you want to become pregnant, you will often have a number of questions on pregnancy and becoming pregnant, but also even if you have already been through one pregnancy, questions may arise concerning your pregnancy, as the time periods prior to and during a pregnancy will be different from one occasion to another.

The articles answer some of the many questions people have in connection with a pregnancy. You can, for example, read about the indicative signs of your pregnancy, how you obtain confirmation that you are pregnant, about problems with becoming pregnant and about dietary advice in connection with pregnancy.

Happy reading!


Signs of pregnancy
Confirmation of pregnancy
Calculation of birth date / when you are due
Childlessness - fecundity / fertility
Dietary advice
Sex during pregnancy
Sex after the birth
The Temperature Method



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